Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield has been making headlines recently by tweeting with people… from space, the International Space Station, to be precise. He’s been sending amazing, breathtaking photos and exchanging playful tweets with folks, including Star Trek stars William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei and Wil Wheaton. The CSA invited Shatner to chat more extensively with Hadfield, a fellow Canadian, and Shatner took them up on the offer. So, today at 10:30 a.m. EST, Hadfield (by video) and Shatner (via phone) will converse before an audience of "space tweeps" – people who follow Hadfield and the CSA -- assembled at the CSA for demos and scientific presentations.

According to the CSA, the tweeps, following the Shatner-Hadfield conversation, will be able to ask questions in real-time to Hadfield. CSA astronaut Jeremy Hansen will host the event. The really cool part? We can all listen to all of it via live webcast. 



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