Friendship can be a funny thing. Even laugh-out-loud funny sometimes. That's the takeaway from our experience combing the Star Trek archives for pics and GIFs to create a photo essay about friendship. Check it out -- and enjoy.

When you realize your best friend actually cares about you.

When you want to strangle your best friend.

When you and your best friend goofed off in high school.

When your best friend lets you borrow their stuff. Bad idea?

When you both leave for your first year of college.

When you realize your best friend is totally crazy.

Your best friend will always be brutally honest with you.

When your best friend actually takes your advice for once. About time, right?

When your best friend pulls a prank on you... (We love this one)

When you question how you guys are even friends -- and there's NOWHERE to hide.

When your friends tell you the cold, hard truth.

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