Leonard Nimoy directed two Star Trek features, so William Shatner got to direct one, as well. William Shatner stars in a just-released old TV movie -- The Horror at 37,000 Feet, which StarTrek.com reported on yesterday -- and it only seems fair to report that an old Leonard Nimoy TV movie has just been released on DVD. That movie is Baffled!, which was actually a would-be pilot produced in the United Kingdom.

Presented by Scorpion Releasing, in conjunction with ITV, Baffled! aired in 1973 and cast a post-Spock Nimoy as Tom Kovack, a hard-nosed race driver stricken with a sudden supernatural vision that causes a near fatal crash as he’s hurtling down the backstretch at 140 MPH. Michele Brent (Susan Hampshire) is the woman who convinces Kovack that his visions are significant, and she leads him to the manor house that appears in his vision. That, in turn, leads Kovack into a world of revenge and murder from beyond the grave, with Kovack compelled to tap into his new-found power to conquer the evil forces at work.

Baffled! also stars Vera Miles of Psycho fame and Rachel Roberts from When a Stranger Calls. Scorpion's DVD includes both the UK version and U.S versions of Baffled!, with the UK version running 10 minutes longer (99 minutes versus 89 minutes) than the U.S. version. Visit Amazon.com to purchase Baffled! for yourself.

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