The Klingon language is getting a dose of 21st-century reality. That's to say that thanks to the London-based EuroTalk, American linguist/Klingon language creator Mark Okrand and British Klingon translator Jonathan Brown, devotees of Star Trek's Klingon language can use the upcoming CD-ROM "Talk Now! Learn Klingon" in order to converse in Klingon using words from our present-day vernacular. So, if you've ever wanted to grunt the words "Teddy bear" or "aspirin" or "swimming" in Klingon, now's your chance.

EuroTalk will launch "Talk Now! Learn Klingon" on Friday. Voiced by U.K. Klingon speakers, it will include more than a half-dozen new words and 40-plus fresh arrangements of existing words. Richard Howeson, EuroTalk chairman, noted that "Talk Now! Learn Klingon" was a natural fit with the company's line of CD-ROMs, which includes more than 120 languages and is designed to quickly and easily assist beginners in learning the basics of a new language, using interactive quizzes and games, as well as recorded speech, to do so.

"This is the first sci-fi language we've ever published," Howeson said. "But Star Trek fans asked us to do it, and we were really happy to explore new frontiers. It allows Klingon speakers all over the world to learn the sci-fi language because all the words on 'Talk Now! Learn Klingon' have been translated into 120 Earth tongues, all available on the same disc."

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