Star Trek: Ascendancy, the new hobby board game from Gale Force Nine, is coming to stores this summer. The game puts you in command of the some of the Galaxy's great civilizations. You and your friends guide the development of the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire. Each civilization has a unique play style befitting their nature. Will you be victorious and achieve Cultural Ascendancy by redeeming Culture Tokens, representing dedication to your civilization’s ideals? Or will your win by establishing Galactic Supremacy, invading and controlling the other player’s Home Systems?

The Federation is committed to scientific exploration and peaceful expansion. During the game, a Federation player earns bonus Culture Tokens for investigating interstellar phenomena and discovering new civilizations. When the Federation encounters new, independent civilizations, they may invite them to join the Federation, allowing the player to take control of these new worlds and develop new resources. The ideals of the Federation prevent them from invading other systems, they must win through diplomacy. The Federation develops key Advancements drawn from the Federation Advancement Deck; these cards reflect its resourceful nature.
The Klingon Empire seeks glorious battle and is dedicated to expansion through strength. In the game, the Klingon player will earn bonus Culture Tokens when they defeat a worthy foe in a heated space battle. Once the headstrong Klingons engage in combat, there can be no retreat. The Klingons have no reservations about invading other planets, seizing resources to fuel their expansion. The Klingons' own Advancement Deck is tailored to their aggressive tendencies, with improvements to their fighting prowess and honorable ideals.

The Romulan Star Empire coldly plots to extend its dominance over the Galaxy. Cultured, refined and dedicated to cutting-edge technology, many Romulan Advancements grant the player bonus Culture Tokens. The Romulans are highly suspicious of outsiders; it takes longer for the Romulan player to benefit from diplomatic Trade Agreements with other players or independent civilizations. Romulan Advancements are focused on superior technology and subterfuge, allowing the Romulans to subtly influence other civilizations from afar.
These three are just the civilizations contained in the core game. Later this year, two player expansions will allow players to take control of the ruthless Cardassian Union and the profit-seeking Ferengi Alliance. Look for Star Trek: Ascendancy and its expansions in game and hobby shops later this year.

For an in-depth look at the three playable civilizations, visit  In the coming weeks, we’ll have a detailed review covering each faction, starting now with the United Federation of Planets.

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