On Monday, players of the multi-platform game Star Trek Timelines completed “When Giants Walk,” the second event in this month’s mega-event, “A Good Day to Lie.” They overwhelmingly supported the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance when completing missions.

Upon victory, Worf’s son Alexander reported that the most dangerous monsters have been rounded up. The ones that used to be Klingons are responding well to treatment. His father’s ridges don’t look quite the same as they used to, but Worf is alive, thanks to the players. He wonders if the reappearance of these creatures and the mutation that overtook his father have anything to do with other recent events, such as the disappearance of Chancellor Martok. If Klingon Intelligence finds any leads, he promises to have them contact the Federation immediately.

Congratulations to the top finisher on the Individual Leaderboard [AF] Mad Max and the Squadron Leaderboard Alpha Team [AF].

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