There's a double dose of news from Eaglemoss this week. First, the latest ship to hit stores in the U.S. is the Klingon D7 battle cruiser – a model that has been produced with careful reference to the original series and uses completely new tooling. The magazine includes many of Matt Jefferies' original drawings.

Second, they have released an announcement about what the next six ships will be, spanning from issue 77 to 83.
Issue 77 is the Romulan shuttle that appeared in the Deep Space Nine episode, "In the Pale Moonlight." Although it’s described as a shuttle in the script, it’s clear that it’s closer in size and function to a Runabout.
After this is a ship that is both in almost every episode of Voyager and none at all: the Aeroshuttle. This auxiliary vessel, which was akin to a Captain’s yacht, was nestled under Voyager’s saucer, so we could see the underside every week, but it was never launched. Fortunately, the team at Foundation Imaging worked with Voyager’s designer Rick Sternbach to design a model, which is what has been used as the basis for the Eaglemoss version.
At issue 79, we have a ship that was mentioned on The Original Series, but wasn’t seen until the show was remastered for its Blu-ray release – Harry Mudd’s ship. The Eaglemoss model is based on the CG version created for TOS HD set, with additional input from its designer, Mike Okuda, who specifically asked them to give the ship the name of Mudd’s wife, Stella.
Then, at issue 80, Eaglemoss are releasing their second ship from Star Trek Insurrection... the Federation Mission Scout. All the original CG models models from this movie have been lost, so they had to reconstruct this one from scratch using reference that they collected from the filmmakers at the time.
Issue 81 is the Xindi Reptilian vessel – an unusual and aggressive design from Enterprise’s third season. It’s a ship that has a lot in common with the Species 8472 bioship in as much as it looks organic rather than metallic. We stay with Enterprise for the next issue, which is the Warp Delta, one of the handful of Earth vessels that we saw during the show. It’s more primitive than the NX-01 and clearly charts the evolution of Earth’s warp program. And, finally (for now) at issue 83, we have a design of ship that played a major role in the Dominion War – the Bajoran Troop Transport. This ship was originally built as a practical model before being converted into CG for the huge battles that followed the massive conflict in "Sacrifice of Angels."

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