It’s Election Day, and with that in mind we thought we’d pit two of Star Trek’s legendary captains – Kirk and Picard – in a battle of wits, wisdom, brawn, compassion and more… with no less than the presidency of the United States at stake. And we need your help. Answer the 12 questions below and post your thoughts on either or the Star Trek Facebook page. OK, let the debates rage on.

Forgetting the fact that James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard are fictional characters, who would you vote for if they both ran for President?

If one were a Republican and one were a Democrat, who would belong to which party, and why?

Who is the more compassionate man, Kirk or Picard?

If the country were going to war, which captain would you want serving as Commander in Chief?

Who’s the better diplomat?

If Kirk and Picard were to hold a debate, who’d win – and why?

Who’d be their respective running mates?

Who’d be their respective campaign managers?

If Kirk and Picard had to marry in order to become President, who’d make the ideal respective First Lady for each men?

What would Kirk and Picard’s respective campaign slogans be?

Kirk and Picard tie in the election and the winner must be determined by a mano-a-mano, knock-down/drag-out fight, no phasers allowed. Who triumphs?

If Kirk and Picard ran on the same ticket, who’d be President and who’d be Vice President? And if they won, how do you think that administration would work out?

Bonus question: You refuse to vote for either Kirk or Picard. Who is your write-in candidate, and what would make him or her better than Kirk or Picard?


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