If you’re completely hooked on Star Trek, think you know every itty-bitty nugget of minutiae and are prone to sharing that knowledge with everyone you know, well, then we’ve got the perfect outlet for your Star Trek obsession. It’s called… Obsessed with Star Trek, and it’s an upcoming hardcover book -- and more – that will beam into stores this fall from author Chip Carter and Chronicle Books.

Obsessed with Star Trek will span 320 pages, include 150 photographs and feature 2,500 questions covering the Star Trek television and film universe, from TOS to Star Trek: Nemesis. And, as noted, Obsessed with Star Trek is more than a quiz book; it’s an interactive game. A unique, built-in electronic module (batteries included) enables you to keep score as you test your Trek knowledge in select-a-question or random modes. Carter, by the way, knows his Star Trek. He has, over the years, co-edited two Trek comic book series, sold a story idea for a Voyager hour, penned articles for Star Trek Communicator and developed Trek anime trading card lines.

The book will be priced at $29.95. Keep an eye on StarTrek.com for additional details about Obsessed with Star Trek