Creation Entertainment just confirmed their 50th guest for the Official Star Trek Convention set to be held August 6-9, 2015, at the Rio Suite Hotel in Las Vegas. And #50 is a doozy: Joan Collins, the venerable British actress who heartbreakingly played Edith Keeler in "The City on the Edge of Forever," arguably the best-ever episode of The Original Series.

Creation is now halfway to its stated goal of 100 Trek celebrities for the August event. Collins joins an impressive list of regulars, recurring actors and guest stars, as well as writers, producers and composers, that includes William Shatner, Karl Urban, Jeri Ryan, Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, Nicole de Boer, Cirroc Lofton, Sherry Jackson, Joseph Gatt, Kate Vernon, Aron Eisenberg, Dennis McCarthy, Bryan Fuller, Andre Bormanis, Robert Beltran and Nana Visitor.

"One of my all time favorite of these moments occurred many, many years ago when we were running big Star Trek events in Pasadena, California and the legendary Joan Collins took the stage," Gary Berman, Creation Entertainment's co-founder and COO, told "What I remember most about that was that William Shatner introduced her and took the time on stage to make sure she was comfortable with the audience and format. That has stayed with me all this time and in fact Mr. Shatner also did that when we had the honor of having Ricardo Montalban with us back then as well. Of course, Ms. Collins is celebrated for a 60-year career as one of film and television’s most-famed performers and she is probably best known as being television’s most popular actress of the 1980’s with her work as the evil Alexis Carrington in over 200 episodes of Dynasty. Her resume is really a road map of all of our lifetimes as she has appeared in so many different productions and is still at work today.

"So, it truly is a special honor to welcome Ms. Collins to The Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, her first Vegas appearance for us," Berman added. "Most incredibly, she will be with us for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to meet fans in the vendors area and sign autographs for a nominal fee. We will also be presenting her on stage on Saturday, where we hope to have her also appear for a few moments with William Shatner again, reuniting these two iconic performers. Ms. Collins will also be doing photo ops at times to be announced. Our site will be updated shortly to reflect Ms. Collins’ appearance and the appearances of some other new guests as well.”

Visit Creation Entertainment for details about and tickets to the event. And keep an eye on for news regarding additional guests and interviews with the celebrities.

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