Mike Lazaridis obviously knows his Star Trek. Lazaridis, the co-founder and former CEO of BlackBerry – better known as Research in Motion, or RIM -- has joined forces with fellow BlackBerry co-founder Doug Fregin to launch Quantum Valley Investments, a $100 million investment fund aimed at developing commercial applications for breakthroughs in quantum science. And it all stems from… Star Trek.

"There's this buzz around the world that this quantum information science is starting to bear fruit," Lazaridis told Bloomberg TV in a video interview the other day. "There's even an X Prize for a medical tricorder like we saw in Star Trek. We've seen many of the devices and predictions of Star Trek come true, from the computer, voice activation and voice recognition, to the communicator in today's smartphones and computers. The medical tricorder that was used by Bones to diagnose and understand what was happening in the body, non-intrusively, without actually drawing, that… may be possible.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that Lazaridis and Fregin have already locked in their first deal with Quantum Valley Investments.  Lazaridis, though, chose not to share details.

"We've had researchers coming up to us with some really ground-breaking discoveries, and we could see the potential of those things," Lazaridis said, speaking to the WSJ. "This isn't like venture capital. This isn't everybody in their garage or dorm room coming up with an idea and getting funded."



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