Today is national Improve Your Office Day. Yes, it's a thing. And so, is here to help you celebrate the occasion -- and up your office game -- by recommending some essential Star Trek-themed products.

Transform the room behind your office door into a corridor on the Enterprise D thanks to this TNG Corridor Door Cover

A handy logbook with charts, inspirational quotes, and room for your many observations during the five-year mission, beam up the Star Trek Captain's Log Notebook

Make it so memorable a cup of tea with this (Tea. Earl Grey. Hot) Mug

Protect your desk with these  U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Coasters (Set of Six)

For diplomats of all stripes who have to play nice with others, be sure to consider a Federation Presidential Rug

The Star Trek Original Series Sticky Notes Booklet
lets you find the right notes for every enterprise

Let your mind wander from your desk to relaxation, courtesy of a Escape to Risa Poster

There is one light. And the TNG Bridge Set Lamp is it. 

A logical addition for your desk, behold the Starfleet Academy Science Rocks Glass. And there are also Command and Medical Rocks Glasses...



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