The folks at IDW Publishing have been working overtime lately. How else to explain the fact that they’ll have not two, not three, not four, but a whopping five Star Trek titles beaming into stores in September? And has the scoop on all five upcoming Trek books.

Star Trek #13 is The Redshirt’s Tale, in which even the crew members wearing the dreaded color are in on the joke. Yes, the story is told from the point of a view of a redshirt on the Enterprise. It was nice knowing you! Mike Johnson wrote The Redshirt’s Tale, with Stephen Molnar handling the art and Tim Bradstreet rendering the cover. Variants will include a Bradstreet sketch cover and a photo cover. Star Trek #13 will run 32 pages and cost $3.99.

Star Trek: Romulans Treasury Edition, comes from Uncanny X-Men and Next Men veteran John Byrne. And when we say it comes from him, we’re not kidding. Byrne wrote Romulans Treasury Edition – which compiles three TOS stories featuring the Romulans – and also drew the art and cover. It will run 72 pages, measure 9.25” x 14.25 and cost $9.99.

IDW will join in the celebration of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 25th anniversary with a four-part mini-series entitled Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hive #1, written by longtime TNG writer-producer Brannon Braga and Terry Matalas (a veteran of Enterprise and Terra Nova, with Braga), with art by Joe Corroney. Hive #1 posits that in the distant future, the Borg and their king, Locutus, have assimilated the whole galaxy. The only hope can be found in the past, with Captain Picard and his Enterprise crew. Hive #1 will run 32 pages and cost $3.99, and fans should be on the lookout for a variant David Messina “Famous Borg in History” cover.

Meanwhile, September will also bring with it the latest installment in IDW’s Star Trek-Doctor Who crossover. Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation 2 #5 finds Captain Picard forced to make the toughest decision of his life, and the Doctor trying to convince him to make the right choice. Assimilation2 #5 is written by Scott & David Tipton with Tony Lee, and J.K. Woodward provided the art and cover. The title will run 32 pages and cost $3.99, while variants will include a Sharp Brothers cover.

Finally, there’s Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2, Vol. 1, which gathers together the first few several titles in the landmark Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover featuring Captain Picard and the Doctor, the Borg and the Cybermen. Vol. 1, written by Scott & David Tipton with Tony Lee, with art and a cover by J.K. Woodward, will run 104 pages and cost $17.99.

For additional details, contact your local comic book retailer or visit to find a store near you. And keep an eye on for additional news about IDW's upcoming Star Trek comic books.

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