Her Universe has just unveiled a pair of new Star Trek-inspired products available now exclusively via ThinkGeek.com. Up first is a Star Trek Insignia Charm Bead. Designed to fit all major bands of bracelets, the cube bead comes with a different Star Trek insignia on each side: Command, Science, Engineering and Medical. It costs $34.99.

Also available is a Star Trek Live Long And Prosper Bead, a cube that features the Vulcan salute on each side. Like the Insignia Charm Bead, it's designed to fit all major brands of bracelet and it also costs $34.99.

Click HERE to purchase the Star Trek Insignia Charm Bead and HERE for the Star Trek Live Long And Prosper Bead. And keep an eye on StarTrek.com for news about other Star Trek products from Her Universe and ThinkGeek.com.


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