Creation Entertainment has thrown down the gauntlet. At the 2011 Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, Creation brought together 1040 fans, establishing a Guinness World Record for “The largest gathering of people dressed as Star Trek characters.” There were oodles of Spocks, Kirks, Seven of Nines, Borg and Klingons, an Andorian or two, and plenty of doomed Red Shirts. However, a convention in London last year shattered the mark, amassing 1063 fans in costume. So, of course, Creation aims to reclaim the record during Creation Entertainment’s 2013 Official Star Trek Convention, set to be held at the Rio Suites Hotel in  Las Vegas from August 8-11. Here’s their official word on the matter:

“The challenge has been made and YOU are invited to help us regain the championship for Vegas! Our attempt to break the record will occur on SATURDAY of the 2013 Las Vegas Convention. Bring your costumes, bring your friends… let's get the award back to Vegas!”



So, what will YOU wear? Click HERE for details about the convention.


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