Happy National Pet Day, everyone! We kid you, not. Today, April 11, is National Pet Day. And to celebrate, StarTrek.com thought we'd show some love to a few of the most-beloved animals and creatures from across the franchise. So, cuddle or caress your dog, cat, snake, turtle, pot-bellied pig or bird as we revisit some of Trek's best pets.

Spot -- We've got to start with Spot, right? Data loved that orange tabby, even if Brent Spiner hated it. Spot's survival in Generations even prompted our favorite android to cry tears of joy.
Porthos -- Come on, how cute was Porthos? Captain Archer's beagle was played by a few Beagles during Enterprise's run, and he always stole the show. 
Targ -- Now, that's a creature only a Klingon could love. Ugly as hell, with spikes down its spine, it was almost -- almost -- cute. Worf had one as a kid.
I-Chaya -- Fans who appreciate deep-dive Star Trek will likely agree that the single-most important and most-heartbreaking of all Trek creatures was Spock's sehlet, I-Chaya, from Star Trek: The Animated Series. I-Chaya gave his own life to save that of the young Vulcan during Kahs-Wan, and Spock's abundant love and feelings of loss were palpable.
Pyrithian Bat -- The enigmatic Dr. Phlox kept plenty of creatures down there in sickbay, but he seemed to have a particular affection for his Pyrithian Bat. Do you remember when she got out of her cage and Captain Archer joined Phlox in the effort to retrieve her?
Tribbles -- We're still not convinced these critters should be pets, but pets they were in several appearances, including in Star Trek III and Star Trek (2009). Do YOU think they're pet material?

Neelix -- No, no, that Neelix wasn't a pet. But our old friend Barclay -- who'd made it his mission to help the Voyager return home -- owned a cat he called Neelix.

Wompat -- Gul Madred was the face of evil in "Chain of Command," but he revealed a surprising softer side during his interactions with his daughter, Jill, and her pet wompat, even gently offering her pet care instructions.
Isis -- Gary Seven's black cat, Isis, was so much more than your typical feline. She was a telepathic shapeshifter and Seven's protector. Barbara Babcock provided Isis's purrs, while Playboy Playmate Victoria Vetri played her in human form. (And let's not forget the O'Briens on Deep Space Nine had a cat, too. Oh, and speaking of the O'Briens, Miles had that tarantula, Christina, as well.)

So, what was YOUR favorite Trek pet?
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