Destination Star Trek 3 looms large on the horizon, and so, for our latest poll, asked, Which Destination Star Trek 3 guest do you want to meet the most? The options included William Shatner, Jeri Ryan, Karl Urban, Nichelle Nichols, Bruce Greenwood, Jonathan Frakes, James Darren, Alexander Siddig, Marina Sirtis and Tim Russ. More than 23,000 fans voted and the results are in.

William Shatner (26%)

Jonathan Frakes (22%)

Jeri Ryan (21%)

Karl Urban (7% - 1,638 Votes)

Marina Sirtis (7% - 1,635 Votes)

Nichelle Nichols (7% - 1,068 Votes)

Alexander Siddig (5%)

Tim Russ (4%)

James Darren (1%)

Bruce Greenwood (1%)


So, how did YOUR choice fare? As you contemplate that, be sure to visit the Destination Star Trek 3 site at for guest and event updates.


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