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I’m Rich Gallup, Executive Producer on Star Trek Timelines. The team has been working hard to hit a major milestone – a playable demo to share with you at PAX East, March 6-8, right in our backyard of Boston, Massachusetts. The last few months have been a lot of fun as our design ideas spring to life, and I’m here to share the current state of the game.

The talented team at Disruptor Beam is striving to make Star Trek Timelines one of the most gorgeous games ever to be played on mobile devices. Developing an appealing art style that can run smoothly on as many phones and tablets as possible is a challenging goal, and as you can see by the screenshots in this post we are getting there. 

As we have mentioned before, Star Trek Timelines features your favorite characters, locations, and storylines from nearly all of the Star Trek canon. When building the demo we wanted to test our assumption that all of these eras would blend together nicely and provide an interesting play experience. Towards that goal, in the demo players will captain the Enterprise-D on a mission where they square off against Regent Worf of the mirror universe’s Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, travelling to familiar locations from the Klingon home system of Qo’noS to Deep Space 9 and the Genesis Planet.

And you won’t be going alone. The aspect of Star Trek Timelines I am most excited about is the immense cast of characters that will be available for your crew. The outcome of missions in Star Trek Timelines varies depending on the crew you select, not just Win or Lose, but the steps that are taken along the way. As one of our core systems, missions will likely be iterated upon several more times before the game launches to ensure the gameplay is accessible to as many players as possible, but deep enough for replayability and advanced strategies. The current version of our missions, which will be on display at PAX East, allows players to see the impact of choosing between various commanders, diplomats, scientists, engineers, and medical or security officers. Familiar faces on your crew will include Sisko, Janeway, T’Pol, Wesley Crusher, Dr. McCoy, and Locutus of Borg - plus many more.

While our beautiful graphics, engaging missions and diverse crew are the highlights of the PAX demo, we are also hard at work on systems like ship management, research, itemizationand multiplayer Fleets. You’ll hear more about those very soon. Of course, it’s one thing to read about our game, and quite another to play it for yourself. I hope you can make it to PAX East and give us your feedback on our progress in person. See you there.

Rich Gallup

Executive Producer
Disruptor Beam

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