A Tholian task group has been spotted on a demon-class world, and they are intent on harnessing the naturally-occurring interspatial rifts there for unknown purposes. When they used these rifts to capture a Terran starship, both the Federation and the Klingons responded to block the threat and force the Tholians to retreat to their own space.

The Tholian Incursion is always available to players who have reached Vice Admiral or Lieutenant General Rank, and bonus rewards will be awarded if played during special timeslots found on the daily event calendar. To participate, players will travel to the Neutral Zone and beam down to Nukara Prime where a variety of repeatable missions await them. Different missions are available both above and below ground, but both require players to have an EV suit equipped and activated. As with the Borg Invasion event, missions are divided into Easy, Medium and Hard. A player by themselves should be able to handle an easy mission, Medium missions generally require a companion or two, and Hard missions take a full group of 5.

Once you have your missions, you do not need to return to the base camp to turn them in and get the next set; this can be done from forward camps available as you progress.

As mentioned above, this map requires players to equip and activate an EV suit. Currently, EV suits can be acquired from the episode, “Boldly They Rode” or via the Dilithium store.

We’ll see you in-game and in the Tholian Incursion when it launches with Season 6: Under Siege.


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