Portland Trekkers got together with pro photographer/geek Peter Cooley and Anovos to answer the question posed in Star Trek Into Darkness by Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison: "Shall we begin?" With uniforms and cameras in hand, the Portland-based group answered that question with a resounding YES! With a mix of costuming and contemporary clothing, the mission's goal was simple: bring Star Trek alive in everyday life.

Cooley explains, "People wear their favorite sports team jerseys all the time, so this is just an extension of that. We noticed that the new uniforms designed by Michael Kaplan definitely had a classic Star Trek nod, only with a more contemporary look. And when we had the Anovos uniforms in hand, it was obvious that this design would lend itself nicely to the urban modern style of Portland -- and we did just that!"

Combining both shoots for the classic Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness uniforms, Peter remarked, "The models fit right in, especially with the new Star Trek Into Darkness uniforms. In fact, a couple of our models went right on wearing their tunics in public. (Most people were) none the wiser, save a few who were "in the know" when they recognized the colors and patterns. “We all remarked that it reminded us of a scene right out of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home,” Cooley said, “walking down the streets of Portland looking for nuclear wessels.”

“The best part was the connections we all had,” he said. “Unlike traditional models, I rarely had to suggest a pose. Just one of many examples I could give is a photo of David Bovard. Within the first 10 minutes of shooting, he sits down, looks up, and… Boom! Spock pose.” 

That's what it’s all about, coming together through Star Trek, whether in subtlety or convention, classic or new… just wear what you’re passionate about.

So... Shall We Begin? To say yes, post a picture of yourself in your Anovos uniform!



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