Deck building games, or DBGs, have become very popular in the hobby game market, and Bandai was pleased to create the Star Trek DBG. A DBG is basically a game in which players have a goal to achieve using their own personal deck of cards. During the game you have the ability to add better cards to your deck and remove cards that aren’t as good. The better your deck becomes the better chance you have of achieving the goal and winning the game.

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation DBG: Premiere Edition, you start as the Captain of a junky old starship and your deck represents your crew and the basic maneuvers of your ship. As you play the game, you will have access to Starbase where you can upgrade your crew from Ensigns and Lieutenants to Commanders and various crewmembers from the TNG universe, such as Jean-Luc Picard, William Riker, Data, Gowron, Duras, Sela, Tomalak, Daimon Bok, etc. There are over 41 unique characters that could potentially make up your crew. You’ll also be able to improve your ship’s abilities by adding photon torpedoes, warp speed, shields, etc. What’s available at Starbase during your turn is constantly changing, so each game you never know what your crew or ship will end up becoming.

The better your crew and maneuvers become, the better chance you have of succeeding when you go to explore the mysteries of space. The winner of the game is the first player to achieve 400 Mission Points and you can only gain these Mission Points by exploring the Space Deck and successfully completing Missions, making it through various Events or by defeating or negotiating with other Starships. When you encounter a Starship you have the opportunity to use your Diplomatic prowess to try and convince them to join your fleet and become your new flagship. Wouldn’t it be nice to be Captain of a Klingon Attack Cruiser or the USS Enterprise? If diplomacy fails, you can always power up your weapons and try to destroy them. However, beware, because if you fail in either of these approaches that Starship may end up blowing YOU up! These various encounters are represented by the cards in the Space Deck and you must attempt to be prepared for whatever may come.

An aspect of the game that we wanted Star Trek fans to have when they played was that they felt like they were in the Star Trek universe and having a different experience each time they played. One game, you could end up with Riker as a Captain of a Klingon Bird-of-Prey and blowing up the USS Enterprise or Captain Picard with a Romulan and Ferengi crew using his diplomatic prowess to bring peace to the Alpha Quadrant. Another game may see Q constantly appearing and either helping you or destroying you; Romulan Warbirds keep attacking your ship, or war breaks out and you have to battle against your fellow players.  In the Star Trek universe anything can happen -- and everything will happen in the Star Trek DBG!

Another great thing about the Star Trek DBG is that this is only one of three ways that you can play this game. The other ways are that you can play are as teams (such as two vs. two) representing different factions in the Klingon Civil War or as a whole group playing together against the Borg Invasion!

In the Klingon Civil scenario the Space Deck changes and your goal is to gain as many Klingon allies to your side to prove to the Arbiter that you are worthy of leading the Klingon Empire. You can also gain the Influence of members of the Klingon Council or even outside interests, such as the Romulans, Ferengi or Cardassians. However, beware of the Federation Blockade because making alliances with the devious Romulans may backfire on you!

In the Borg Invasion, the Space Deck changes again and the players will encounter Borg Cubes, Borg Drones and, worst of all, Locutus! Each time the group fails, their decks gain a “Borg Card.” If a player ever has five or more “Borg Cards” in their hand then that player is out of the game and has been assimilated. If the “Borg Card” deck runs out or all the players have been assimilated, then the game is over and the Borg have won. Players must work together as a team to beat back the Borg and defeat Locutus. Is resistance futile?

After players have become experienced Captains, become Leader of the Klingon Empire and defeated Locutus, they are ready for the Next Phase. The Star Trek Next Generation DBG: Next Phase Edition will be available on January 6th, 2012. The game expands with more characters. such as Miles O’Brien, Reginald Barclay, Ro Laren, Spock, the Cardassians and many more!

Also, this release will allow two-four players to play three new Space Deck scenarios. However, if you add this to the Premiere Edition, up to 9 players can play any new or existing scenario. The new Space Deck scenarios in this edition are: 

EXPLORATION [Free for all] introduces 15 new starships with various effects, new Mission and Event “ITEM” cards with new effects and new ways to win.

REUNIFICATION [New Team battle mode] introduces new team up rules which will allow you to play on a team in favor of war or peace. The new Team battle mode will even let you play with an odd number of players. Four players vs. five players is a possibility!

BORG INVASION II [Co-op] is a new chapter in the Borg Invasion as the Borg return, this time with their Queen, to attempt to assimilate Earth and all of your fellow players.

Visit for more information, videos on how to play, and forums on strategies or questions about game play!

Additional details:

Star Trek Next Generation Deck Building Game: Premiere Edition
2-5 Players, 300 cards, 5 dice and a rulebook. MSRP $39.99
Star Trek Next Generation Deck Building Game: Next Phase Edition
2-4 Players, 300 cards, 5 dice and a rulebook. MSRP $39.99

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