Hey Everybody-

It's Anthony Montgomery from Star Trek: Enterprise. I hope life is wonderful for you all and that any of you caught up in the storms on the East Coast are now safe and warm.

I'm writing because I'm part of a film production and we need some help. Fast. In short, I am the star/producer of a compelling and entertaining independent feature film called Chariot, and we were set to start shooting in Dallas on December 1st. We had an investor who was on board to fund the whole project (small budget), but regrettably had to pull out of the deal. He left us with a great script, terrific director, talented cast, secured filming location, cameras, equipment, crew and production facilities, including post-production, but... with no way to fund it.

Chariot is about: Seven strangers who awaken aboard a passenger airline… in flight, with no idea how they got there, and no idea where they are headed. What they learn about their fate - and that of the world below - will force each of them to confront their respective greatest fears.

A trailer can be viewed on our funding page. Please note, the trailer was made before I and several other actors were attached to the project. The actors seen in the trailer participated to help generate interest and build momentum for the film.

To help get the funds needed for production, a crowd funding page has been established at Indiegogo.com: http://www.indiegogo.com/ChariotTheMovie. Cameras are set to roll in about 20 days, so the budget has been cut down to the absolute bare minimum so that we can still film. We need funds so we can pay and feed the cast and crew. That's it! Contributors still believe in the project, so everyone else is donating their time, equipment or expertise. They just want to "be a part of it." We hope you will, too! We're already 27% funded and with your help we can make this vision a reality! And there are great incentives for helping us realize our goal; just check out the site.

To all StarTrek.com readers and my fantastic Star Trek fans, specifically, please help if at all possible. If you can't help by making a donation, please forward the link to as many people as you can (family, friends, co-workers, etc.). We're weeks away from filming and time is running out.  

Thank you, everyone! Let's go make a movie!!

All my best,


Star Trek
Anthony Montgomery