The time is upon us, and Anovos is set to release our  updated “Star Trek The Movie” women’s and men’s replica uniforms.  What’s so amazing about this newest release? Well, it’s more accurate for starters…but even more important: about a $100 price reduction.


It was our mission from the very start of our company, close to three years ago, to expand the reach of cosplay into the world of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek. But, being new to market with older technology, our very first product had a price tag that was remarked as being prohibitive for many fans. I, for one, knew we could do better, but time and technology could only develop so quickly.


Fast forward a few years, with Star Trek Into Darkness coming out, we knew it was time to revisit the “Star Trek Movie” line, but this time with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit to get this not only more accurate, but also with a price more inviting to old and new fans alike. I believe, with our new 2013 release, we accomplished both goals.


The Star Trek Men’s tunic is now the Hero version of the uniform, featuring dye sublimated delta patterns and in Captain Kirk, Spock or Scotty rank and color choice. Improvements to this version include correctly “roll and piped” neckline and shoulder seaming, very accurate to the movie hero tunics ($199). Secondly, as an additional add-on, you can now purchase the iconic Starfleet issued under shirt made from cotton/polyester tri-weave with correct neck yolk patterning and emblem ($85). Lastly, you can add on the optional QMX Starfleet Badge ($10) with your order via



Saving the best for last, the Starfleet Ladies uniform has seen the most change and not just in its marked improvement in price. This hero version will now include the additional “Uhura stitching” only seen previously on the studio’s Hero dress.

Additionally, the corrected and very challenging “roll and pipe” technique has been applied to the new neckline and shoulder cap edges to reproduce the highly stylish finished edges of the dress.

Last but not least, a feature that is subtle but makes a big statement, these dresses will also be interfaced preserving the crisp, non-wrinkled look of these Hero dresses ($225).


The uniforms are available at the Shop or



Joe Salcedo is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Anovos Productions.



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