What do Star Trek guests Bruce Greenwood and Carel Struycken have in common beyond their Trek connection? The actors -- the former played Captain Pike in Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness, while the latter essayed the recurring role of Mr. Homn on Star Trek: The Next Generation -- have just signed on to co-star in the upcoming adaptation of the 1992 Stephen King novel Gerald's Game, which will be produced and released by Netflix. Greenwood and Struycken will be joined by Carla Gugino, Henry Thomas, Kate Siegel and Chiara Aurelia.

Deadline described the plot as follows: "Gerald and Jessie Burlingame head to their summer home on a warm weekday in October for a romantic interlude that involves adult games. After being handcuffed to her bedposts, Jessie tires of her husband’s games, until things take an unexpectedly tragic turn. She’s left handcuffed, trapped and alone as painful memories from her childhood bedevil her. Her only company is a hungry stray dog, the voices that populate her mind, and possibly someone watching her from the corner of the dark bedroom."

Gugino is set for the role of Jessie, while Greenwood will portray her husband, Gerald. It's not known yet what role Struycken will play.

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