Sure it’s April Fools’ Day, but this is no joke. STAR TREK: The Video Game is just a few weeks from release and it’s Monday, and that means the game’s developers are back with an exclusive Gorn Day look at another Gorn character that’ll give Kirk, Spock and company a run for their money in the game. Today’s Gorn is the Guardian.



The Gorn Guardian is considered the "royal guard" of the Gorn and is essentially a melee-based attack type that carries a large energy axe, dealing medium damage with a swiping attack. The Guardian is equivalent to the Warrior in health, but also has the ability to generate a shield from his energy axe. Guardians are more evolved than the Initiate and Warrior, spending more time standing upright on their hind legs. Although they tend to slouch down while moving, Guardian attacks are made from an upright stance.