Star Trek in Concert, as previously reported, will beam into the Hollywood Bowl this summer, with the Los AngelesPhilharmonic, conducted by David Newman, performing Michael Giacchino's rousing Star Trek (2009) score live to picture. The Bowl has just released a new 2-minute video in which Giacchino recounts his childhood love of Trek, discusses the challenges of creating a main theme and more.

"For me a big part of what Star Trek was was the music and I feel very lucky and I feel very honored that it's a franchise I get to be a part of, because it's one of my favorites," Giacchino says. "It's one of my favorites of everything out there in the world. I really love it because I love what it's about. I love ultimately what the themes are. I love the fact that they talk about interpersonal relationships, that they talk about humanity, talk about what's good for the planet, what's not good for the planet. All the issues they touch on, you look at and go, 'These are the things we should always be talking about in our own world. These are the things we should be discussing."

Star Trek in Concert will be held on Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9 at the iconic venue, and Trek fans will be treated to under-the-stars screenings of Star Trek (2009) -- projected in HD onto the Hollywood Bowl's big screen -- with the esteemed Los Angeles Philharmonic bringing Giacchino's music to life.

Tickets to Star Trek in Concert are available starting now, both as single tickets and as part of the Hollywood Bowl’s “5 or More” offer: Pick 5 concerts and get the 6th free. Visit for more information and go to for additional information.

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