Greetings current and future Starfleet Captains. Every day new Star Trek fans play Star Trek Timelines for the very first time. Entering a galaxy where the timelines have converged can be disorienting to even the most-experienced captains, so we’ve been creating guides on topics such as crew advancement, navigating the galaxy and more.

Getting Around The Galaxy

Whether by playing through Daily Missions or using menu shortcuts between crew and their most-needed equipment, Captains have some helpful options when moving around the Timelines galaxy. In this efficiency-minded guide, we detail how to find what your crew needs even faster.

How to Earn Faction Rewards

Completing faction missions provides increasingly useful rewards. You can earn equipment to unlock higher crew levels, training programs to instantly add experience to any chosen crew, and even starship schematics which are used to build new vessels. Read this guide to learn about using factions centers to earn bigger and better rewards.

Equipment Rarity and Character Advancement

Have you noticed some crew equipment with stars on their icons, and other equipment without stars? Have you wondered why there are multiple variants of equipment in Star Trek Timelines, and how they’re all used to advance your crew? What about using the “Warp? feature (and not the one involving a ship’s nacelles?) All these questions are addressed in this guide post.

Captain’s Guide: Building Crew Equipment

In earlier guides we explained item rarity and equipping crew to advance past their current level caps. In this Captain’s Guide, we’re building on that knowledge to talk about building equipment: why it’s essential to any aspiring Starfleet Captain’s journey through Star Trek Timelines, and how it’s done.

Future Star Trek Timelines Guides

As we continue to update Timelines with new features and content, we’ll also continue to post new Captain’s Guides. If you have further questions or suggestions, please reach out to us on the game forums or one of our many social networks below.

Looking for even more information about Star Trek Timelines? Try the official Game Guide, the Star Trek Timelines subreddit and the Star Trek Timelines Wiki.

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