While exploring the galaxy, Federation ships have encountered many different alliances, empires, organizations, civilizations and species. Relationships can be friendly or hostile -- but with the temporal anomaly crisis in Star Trek Timelines, the galaxy is thrown into disarray, and many diplomatic relations are beginning to crack under the tension.

As a Starfleet captain, you’ll have direct influence over the shifting political landscape. You could aid the Maquis, join the Klingons in battle, or even hand a few secrets over to the Romulans.

Introducing the Galaxy Map

How does the Galaxy Map work?

The galaxy map will essentially be your command center. From here, you will be able to view both the known galaxy and get a hint at areas you have yet to explore and get an overview on which factions have the most power in which areas. More importantly, you can access disputes between factions and undertake missions to influence the outcome, and decide where your ship is warping to next.

How do my story choices impact factions and the Galaxy Map?

Most every action you take in the game will be to the benefit (or detriment) of the factions vying for control. Take enough actions in a dispute, and you'll see the balance of power between factions shift -- literally, as you watch their sphere of influence grow, shrink, or alter shape on the galaxy map.

You can decide whether the Maquis get a second chance at forming an independent nation, whether the Ferengi will retain their new values or go back to their old ways, and determine the victor in skirmishes between the Xindi and the Terran Empire.


The Federation and Starfleet’s goals include correcting the chaos of the temporal anomaly crisis and retrieving or rescuing displaced Starfleet and Federation personnel. Unless it’s unavoidable, they have no desire to start or get involved in many major conflicts. Some factions share these goals, but most see the temporal anomaly crisis as an opportunity to rewrite history, avenge old wounds, or simply claim more space for themselves.

As a representative of the Federation, it will be your job to mediate (or outright decide) the outcome of these disputes, however you personally see fit. A disputed area could involve two or more factions, and could involve military, political, scientific, or economic conflicts. For example, let's look at the status of Bajoran and Cardassian space:

Bajorans: Fiercely independent and deeply religious, the Bajorans have had a close (but not always friendly) relationship with the Federation. Bajor has a long troubled history with Cardassia, and the temporal anomaly crisis threatens to reopen old wounds. Of additional concern is the reappearance of the Maquis freedom fighters, who are all too happy to stoke the fires against Cardassia....

Maquis: Though they were wiped out during the Dominion War, the temporal anomaly crisis has brought about the Maquis's rebirth, and they aren't about to let it go to waste. Federation policy considers the Maquis a criminal organization and seeks its members’ arrest. While their tactics are unquestionably violent, Maquis intelligence is frequently correct on the covert and illegal activity of official governments like the Cardassian Union. It’s your call whether you’ll follow the letter of Federation policy or (secretly) support the Maquis.

Cardassian Union: After their significant loss in the Dominion War, neither the Federation nor the Bajorans see the Cardassian Union as a threat. But even cowed, the Cardassians make dangerous enemies, and both the Maquis resurgence and the temporal chaos in Bajoran and Cardassian space has them cornered. If the Cardassians ask for aid in defending innocent lives, the Federation believes itself obligated to respond -- although it’s up to you as to how.

Multiple Universes

Vulcan philosophy is based on the belief in Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Nowhere is this more true than in the chaotic world of Star Trek Timelines, where factions need not only be the political alliances of the day -- they can also cross time, space, and reality. Some factions that have taken a toehold in our galaxy include:

Terran Empire: Ruthless and cruel, the Terran empire is a twisted mirror version of the Federation. The Terran Empire cares little for peace, and in putting humanity first they look to conquer alien planets. The Empire’s version of efficiency may be vicious and brutal … or may be valuable to organize a galaxy turned upside down.

Klingon-Cardassian Alliance: Their prejudice against humanity and expansionist policies make this mirror universe alliance both fearsome foes and potentially strong allies. Will you defend the planets oppressed by Alliance rule, or try to make amends to a military powerhouse? Are the Klingons and Cardassians of this alternate universe better than their prime contemporaries, or will you take this opportunity to chart a new course for both races? 

More Factions to Come

Many more exciting and otherwise improbable disputes may come to your attention, from a new bid by the Augments to conquer the galaxy, the Romulan Star Empire taking on both Klingons and Cardassians at once, or Xindi warriors picking up in the twenty-fourth century where they left off in the twenty-second. Will it be the Federation and the Klingon Empire together maintaining order throughout the Alpha Quadrant? Or will circumstances make the Romulan Star Empire better allies? Amid the chaos, the fate of the galaxy will be in your hands.

Coming to iOS, Android, and the Web, Star Trek Timelines merges the characters, stories, and settings from TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT. Gather your favorite heroes and even villains to build your ideal crew, explore the galaxy, and be captain of your own destiny. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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