Anovos is back in action with a Star Trek Women's Dress from Star Trek Into Darkness. The dress replicates those worn by Zoe Saldana and Alice Eve in the film and the pattern is based on screen-used uniforms. The dress is made of jumbo Spandex dyed to match production-created fabric for the science (blue), engineering/operations (red) divisions. And -- breaking news -- now there's command gold, too.


Anovos refers to this new Star Trek Command Dress as Version 2.0, as it incorporates improvements based on feedback from customer reaction to Anovos’ previously released Command Dress. The upgrades include added skirt length of two inches (plus another inch for further custom alteration), an invisible zipper (making it easy to put on and take off), and the removal of the back interfacing (which allows for better material stretch and breathability).

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