has the final First Look at NECA/WizKids' upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wings Wave 18 releases, and today we preview the Federation U.S.S. Phoenix, out this month. The Nebula class starship is poised to be flown for optimal effect in the battlefield. Benjamin Maxwell increases the effectiveness of your ship’s secondary weapons while Admiral Haden rewards superior positioning for your whole fleet. Using the Prefix Code Elite Talent, you can catch your opponent off guard and further increase your fleet’s attack potential.

Elizabeth Lense can be discarded to remove a disabled token from a Crew or Tech upgrade, thus increasing your action economy. Terry can be used to repair hull damage. Performing a High Energy Sensor Sweep allows a ship to perform a free Scan action, which will decrease the defensive capabilities of your opponent.

Finally, the U.S.S. Phoenix comes fully stocked with Secondary Weapon upgrades that will see great use. Quantum Torpedoes can cause a staggering 6 damage to an unsuspecting opponent. The Arsenal upgrade will allow a player to reload and launch their torpedoes at a much higher rate. Photon Torpedoes have the added bonus of converting a Battle Station to a Critical Hit and thanks to the Aft Torpedo Launcher upgrade, they can be fired in any direction.

Captain Benjamin Maxwell’s unauthorized campaign of vengeance is played out in the enclosed mission: The Wounded. With so many useful weapon upgrades, his attacks on the Cardassian outposts could greatly endanger the recently signed peace treaty between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. With only two ships available to defend four outposts, will there be enough time for the U.S.S. Enterprise to intercept the Phoenix before war breaks out?

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