FIRST LOOK: Trek-themed Cuddle Wraps, Cushions and More

FIRST LOOK: Trek-themed Cuddle Wraps, Cushions and More

Starting to think about the perfect holiday gift for the Star Trek fan in your life? Lady Sandra just might have what you're looking for, as they're set to introduce -- in the United States and Canada -- several new Trek-themed products in the near future. First up, a Spock Cuddle Wrap, perhaps best described as a blanket with sleeves and, logically, a Starfleet science insignia. Made of 100 polyester fleece, it measures 54" by 72".

Then there's a U.S.S. Enterprise Cushion. The velveteen cushion, which measures 8" x 16" and is made of 100% polyester, features a blue and white line drawing of the Enterprise on one side and light blue Starfleet insignias against a darker blue background on the other side.

And, finally, there are a pair of blankets with snaps, one called Kirk & Spock (depicting the characters ready for action with phasers drawn) and the other called T.O.S. (featuring the Enterprise in flight). Fans can snap themselves into the high-pile blankets, which each measure 60" x 80".

Keep an eye on for pricing and availability details for Lady Sandra's upcoming Star Trek products.


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