Star Trek/Green Lantern #6 (of 6), written by Mike Johnson, will be out in December from IDW Publishing -- and is pleased to present a First Look at a special variant cover created by Cat Staggs.

As previously reported, Star Trek/Green Lantern #6 will close out the blockbuster crossover event, with Angel Hernandez providing the art and Stephen Mooney rendering the cover of the main issue. In the crossover capper, the dead have risen, heroes have fallen and the last survivors of Starfleet and the Lantern Corps join together to fight the greatest threat the galaxy has ever known. Who will be left standing?

"Homage covers can be tricky, but this one from Cat Staggs hits all the right notes for Star Trek/Green Lantern," IDW editor Sarah Gaydos told "The spectrum of emotions in the Green Lantern universe are reflected by the colors of the rainbow. For example: blue stands for hope, fear is yellow, willpower is green. In the rainbow of colors, we see core emotions we encounter in life, good and bad - - and that's something we've been exploring in this series. Author Mike Johnson came up with the parallel between the rainbow of the Green Lantern emotions, and the iconic Motion Picture poster by groundbreaking illustrator Bob Peak. This is our humble tribute to his amazing work."

Star Trek/Green Lantern #6 will run 32 pages and cost $3.99. In addition to the Staggs variant cover, fans should be sure to also seek out the Connecting Subscription Variant by Garry Brown, with Brown's six connecting variant covers forming one giant image.

For additional details, contact your local comic book retailer or visit to find a store near you. Keep an eye on for additional details about the IDW's upcoming Star Trek adventures, as well as exclusive First Looks at covers and preview pages.


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