ThinkGeek is back with their latest Star Trek products and has a First Look at them. First up is a Star Trek Plush Enterprise. You read that right: ThinkGeek’s Star Trek Enterprise Plush – which is white, with red, yellow, gray and black -- features detailed embroidery, blinking lights and realistic photon torpedo sound effects. It will be available soon, priced at $24.99.

The second new addition to the ThinkGeek line of licensed Star Trek products is a Star Trek Electronic Door Chime. Think of it as a TOS-era Enterprise communications panel… of your very own. The Star Trek Door Chime lights up, is easily mounted and features such signature sounds as a red alert klaxon, boatswain whistle and, best of all, a motion-sensitive door whoosh. It will be available soon, priced at $29.99.

To check out all of ThinkGeek’s licensed Star Trek products, click HERE. And keep an eye on for news about future products as well as availability dates for the Star Trek Plush Enterprise and Star Trek Door Chime.

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