Anovos continues to expand its line of faithful Star Trek uniform replicas with the addition of one-piece Starfleet women's uniform jumpsuits as seen in the later seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and also, occasionally, on Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Made of 100% Jumbo Spandex and dyed to color match production and screen-used samples from CBS Archives, this replica was patterned on a screen-used suit (from the Filmwelt Collection) and features shoulder padding, a hidden back zipper, scalloped leg hem and elastic boot stirrups. Choose from Command Burgundy, Services Gold/Mustard, and Sciences Teal.

The Premier Line Women’s Jumpsuit comes in a variety in a variety of sizes and costs $499.95 (on sale from $649.95) and those who pre-order during the initial introduction week will receive a Quantum Mechanix (QMx) TNG-era combadge at no additional cost. Magnetic metal rank pips will be sold separately. The Premier Line Women’s Jumpsuit will ship first quarter 2014.

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