has a First Look at what's sure to be one of the upcoming holiday season's most popular products: Star Trek Pop-Ups. Due out on November 11 from publisher Thames & Hudson, Star Trek Pop-Ups will deliver seven iconic Star Trek moments in a most-unique manner... literally popping off the page in three dimensions.

Featuring art by Courtney Watson McCarthy and text by veteran Trek writers/historians Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann, the imagery will include the original USS Enterprise in flight and the dreaded Borg Cube from The Next Generation, as well as a memorable series of alien encounters (Tribbles) and thrilling action scenes (Bride of Chaotica) from Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.

Star Trek Pop-Ups will run 16 pages and include seven pop-ups and 28 illustrations, all in color. The book will cost $29.95 and is available now for pre-order at
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