Start your engines and get ready to jump into the 24th-century “hot rod”… the Delta Flyer.

This October, NECA/WizKids will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 19 and has the exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, starting with the Delta Flyer.

The Delta Flyer is so much more than your average shuttlecraft. This little shuttle packs a punch for something of its size with a primary weapon value of 3. As an added bonus, the Delta Flyer can also fire from its rear arc with a slightly less powerful attack. But if more power is what you crave, the Delta Flyer allows you to add a Weapon Upgrade costing 4 points or less. Looking under the hood, we can see that the Delta Flyer is also very maneuverable and evasive with Tom Paris at the helm, allowing you to covert a 3 maneuver into a 4. If speed isn’t what you need, perhaps Tuvok is the Captain for you. Tuvok adds a Tech upgrade to your ship and gives it a discount at the same time.

Defensively, the Delta Flyer has a low hull value, but 3 shields and a number of defensive upgrades there to help ensure the successful completion of your mission. Crew members B’elanna Torres and Harry Kim are both defensive upgrades that help make the Delta Flyer harder to hit or harder to damage. 

The Delta Flyer was designed to survive extreme conditions that would destroy a regular shuttle. Parametallic Hull Plating is a discard that allows you to cancel one hit or one critical hit result. Immersion Shielding adds another shield to your ship while providing protection against unexpected obstacles you might encounter on your journey. Additionally, Unimatrix Shielding adds another 2 shields to your ship while giving you the possibility of even greater protection against Borg attacks.   

Now that we know we can survive just about anything we encounter on our journey, let’s take a look at how we can ensure victory if we are forced into combat. Crew member Seven of Nine steps forward in to combat, allowing you to disable her to perform a battle stations action as a free action.  Photonic Missiles are short- to medium-range weapons, which, in addition to dealing damage, can also give any hit target an auxiliary token. Finally, the power of Photon Torpedoes is available for a shuttlecraft. Allowing such a powerful attack from such a tiny ship requires you to discard this upgrade rather than disable it, but this seems like a fair tradeoff for a shuttle. Both weapon upgrades can be fired from either the front or rear firing arc, giving you the flexibility to go head-to-head with an enemy or fire while on the run.

As a shuttle, the Delta Flyer comes with some special additional rules. In order to play any shuttle, including the Delta Flyer, you need to have a “Capital Ship” with a hull value of at least 4 or more. Shuttles can also only attack at range 1-2. Additionally, shuttles can perform a “docking,” allowing them to transfer Captains, Crew and other Upgrades to friendly ships. The shuttle can also perform “launching” actions to depart from a ship once docked to rejoin the fight.

Whether you are repelling a Borg assault, entering the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally, or simply retrieving an advanced multispatial probe, the Delta Flyer is the ship for you. The perfect combination of form and function, the Delta Flyer is a must-have expansion as a small attack ship, a support vessel and so much more.  

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