You just can't drink one more drop of that blood wine. So what are you going to do? Really, what are you going to do. You don't want it to go to waste, of course. So, just get your hands on one of Westland Giftware's latest products: the Enterprise Wine Stopper, the Kirk Wine Stopper or the Spock Wine Stopper. Each wine stopper measures four inches high and costs $13.

Westland has also unveiled two other new products that are ready to beam into the stockings of your favorite Star Trek fans -- assuming your stockings are really long and wide. There's a Warp Drive Cookie Jar... in the shape of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 and will cost $57. And, finally, there's a 12" Starfleet Wall Clock featuring the images of TOS-era Kirk, Spock and McCoy. It sells for $31.00.

The wine stopper and clock are available now, while the cookie will begin shipping the last week of December. Click HERE to purchase the cookie jar, HERE for the wine stoppers and HERE for the clock.
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