Diamond Select Toys has just revealed a pair of very cool and very, very different Star Trek products due out in the new few weeks. First up, there’s a Star Trek: The Next Generation Silicone Tray. It will enable fans to add water, chocolate or gelatin and create frozen cubes in the shape of the Enterprise-D and the Starfleet Insignia.

The second product is a Star Trek Select Captain Picard action figure. Figure three in the Star Trek Select line, Captain Picard stands seven inches tall and comes on a base that represents the interior of a Borg Cube. Sculpted by Art Asylum’s Trek veteran, Patrick Pigott, the figure’s default pose has Picard firing a phaser at an unseen enemy, though fans can swap in elements of other Star Trek Select figures.

Both products will be available later this month. Pre-order from your local comic book shop or favorite online retailer, and keep an eye on StarTrek.com for additional details.



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