has the final First Look at NECA/WizKids' upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing's Wave 10 releases, and today we preview the Mirror Universe Regent’s Flagship, out later this month. This Negh’Var class starship is one of the most powerful in the Mirror Universe and can even target multiple ships for an attack. With Kira Nerys captaining the ship, a player can be reassured that the opponent’s crew will not impact the effectiveness of the ship. Worf can be used as the Admiral of a fleet to enhance the number of attacks a player can make in a round.

Elim Garak increases the Captain Skill of any captain as long as he is on a Mirror Universe ship. Odo can crack the whip to get the most out of your other crew upgrades, like Bareil Antos, who can steal upgrades from other ships. Brunt can be useful to sabotage an enemy ship and force the placement of an Auxiliary Power token at the start of the End Phase.

The Photon Torpedoes in the expansion provide a +1 attack die bonus when fired from a Negh’Var class ship. Use of the Cloaking Device will allow for additional flexibility thanks to the additional defensive dice as well as gaining access to the Sensor Echo action. The Tractor Beam will be a big surprise when you are able to place Auxiliary Power tokens on an opponent’s ship when they least expect it.

Players will want to load up on crew as they decide which Elite Talent will serve them best. I Will Deal With Them Myself can make use of Crew to increase attack potential while Make It So! will increase the action economy of a ship. Regardless of which Elite Talent a player chooses, Intendant’s Orders is a great secondary option to help re-enable your crew for immediate use the next round. With so many options available, players will enjoy using the Regent’s Flagship as they take on the Rebel forces in their Mirror Universe Defiant in the Shattered Mirror mission.

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