Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection has provided with up-close looks at the next two models in the Starships series: the Krenim Temporal Weapon Ship and the Nebula class.

Issue 22 of the Official Star Trek Starships Collection is the Krenim Temporal Weapon Ship. This massive Delta Quadrant ship was effectively a weapons platform that could wipe events from history. It was the "star" of the Star Trek: Voyager story, "Year of Hell." The model was designed by Rick Sternbach and Steve Burg, and built at Foundation Imaging.

Issue 23 is the Nebula class. The Nebula-class was a type of Federation starship in use by Starfleet in the 24th century. It featured many of the same components as the Galaxy-class, but they were arranged in a completely different way. The Nebula-class made its debut in the debris field in The Next Generation's "The Best of Both Worlds," but only the most eagle-eyed of viewers would have seen it. It made its full debut in "The Wounded," when the design was used for Captain Maxwell's ship. Over the years it has several different pods on the back. The model shows it as it appeared in the closing scenes of Star Trek Generations.

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