Just six more left. StarTrek.com's Star Trek: The Animated Series Art Prints preview week carries on now with Prints #17-20 by Juan Ortiz. Check out our First Looks at "The Pirates of Orion," "Bem," "The Practical Joker" and "Albatross."

Ortiz considers "The Pirates of Orion" the best of the bunch, and here's why:

"'The Pirates of Orion' is to me, the most TOS-like," he argues. "It has Kirk doing what he does best, diplomacy and drop-kicking aliens. I don't think you need a better image for this episode. The thin type grew out of necessity."

Keep an eye on StarTrek.com for additional news about the TAS Art Prints and click HERE to see Prints 1-4, HERE to see Prints 5-8, HERE for Prints 9-12 and HERE for Prints 13-16.



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