Hot on the heels of their popular Star Trek: Discovery Episode Pin Set collection, FanSets is taking pre-orders on their brand-new "Star Trek DS9 25th Anniversary" and “To Boldly Go” pins. The DS9 pin features the words Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the 25 within the Starfleet delta, and the "To Boldly Go" pin is shaped like an old-school television, with the "screen" showing the words "To Boldly Go... Where No Man Has Gone Before" along with the U.S.S. Enterprise in orbit around a planet.

 The DS9 pin is priced at $12.95.

The To Boldly Go pin will cost $9.95.

Delivery is expected third or fourth week of March.

Go to to pre-order the new pins and to check out the full FanSets line of Star Trek pins.

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