Cubify is taking its Star Trek 3DMe App to the next level. The company, in May, introduced the app, which allows fans to create full-color, personalized 3D printed figurines of themselves in a Star Trek: The Original Series uniform. Now, Cubify revealed today at Comic-Con in San Diego, fans can create 3D figurines of themselves in Star Trek: The Next Generation uniforms by visiting and uploading two photographs of their face.



For those in attendance at Comic-Con, Cubify/3D Systems is showcasing the Star Trek 3DMe app as a photo booth-like experience. Fans get scanned in just seconds and then can interact with their face in the app on a touchscreen built right into the booth. The seamless scan-to-3D customization experience is the first of its kind available at an event such as Comic-Con. Fans can get scanned and purchase their figurines at the Toy Tokyo booth (#5337), while VIP attendees can check it out at the WIRED Café at the Omni Hotel Downtown.



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