FIRST LOOK: Borg Tactical Cube 138

FIRST LOOK: Borg Tactical Cube 138 has one last First Look at NECA/WizKids' upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing’s Wave 5 releases, and today we preview the Borg Tactical Cube 138, out in June. While Tactical Cube 138 sports a larger sized base than any ship before it, players should be aware that should the final position of its base overlap another ship, it does not lose its “Perform Action” Step if that ship has a Hull value of 6 or less. Tactical Cube 138 also has a special ability which allows it to be equipped with the Borg Ablative Hull Armor at a significant discount. Even under the heaviest of fire, the Borg Queen has few concerns, as her card ability allows her to transfer to another Borg ship in your fleet should the Borg Tactical Cube be destroyed. And for those times when you want to maintain a Target Lock after using it for its reroll ability, the Tactical Drone is your Captain of choice.

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