Welcome back to the second of StarTrek.com's exclusive First Looks at NECA/WizKids Games’ tactical space combat miniatures game Star Trek: Attack Wing. Today, we are looking at the contents of the Bajoran Interceptor 5 Expansion Pack, which will be available in June as part of the Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 5 release. Players will be amazed at the maneuverability of this light fighter craft as they spin through the maneuver dial and see that there is not a single red maneuver even when performing 1 & 2 “come about” maneuvers. The Interceptor 5 also provides greater flexibility in games as it does not lose its “Perform Actions” step or take damage in certain circumstances. When it comes to captaining this agile fighter, players can choose between Lenaris Holem (who allows you to reroll a defensive die if you have an Evasive Maneuver token next to your ship) or Hazar (who decreases the number of attack dice being rolled against his ship if it is close to an Obstacle or Planet Token).  If Hazar is captaining your ship, you might also want to consider equipping the ship with the Militia Elite Talent which will increase your attack dice total as well as give you a free Battle Station token.

This small craft does not have much room for Crew, so players will have to choose carefully between Anara or Neela to fill the sole Crew Upgrade slot on the Upgrade Bar. If players fear taking too much damage, they may wish to use Anara, who can repair 1 damage to your Hull. If offense is what a player has in mind, Neela’s ability to cause Critical Damage to an opponent’s ship’s Hull may be more to their liking. Players will also find solace in the fact that should a bad roll occur while using her ability, she is disabled instead of discarded so the player may attempt the action again in a later round if they wish.

The final three Upgrades bring some extremely fun abilities to the game. Phaser Strike, a Secondary Weapons Upgrade, has normal ranged combat bonuses applied to its attacks. You can also use your ship’s action to activate its ability to allow your ship to attack as if it had a Captain Skill of 10 when using this weapon. The Warp Drive Refit Tech upgrade will allow the Interceptor 5 to get a bit better distance when needed. When players want to play hide and seek with the opponent, Maneuverability is going to be your Tech Upgrade of choice.

The Interceptor 5 Expansion Pack includes all of the game tokens needed to add this ship to your Star Trek: Attack Wing fleet. This ship pairs nicely with the Akorem as they attempt the Blockade mission included in the pack—the Akorem was a prize ship from The Dominion War Organized Play series. To find out more about Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play events scheduled at game stores near you visit www.wizkidseventsystem.com.

Visit NECA/WizKids for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing, and keep an eye on StarTrek.com for a preview of the final ship in Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 5.
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