Somebody over at Mighty Fine is having a mighty fine time, given the very entertaining trio of tee-shirts that the company is rolling out today. The three tees put unique spins on Kirk’s famous “Khaaaaaaan!” scream from The Wrath of Khan. One shirt depicts Kirk clutching kittens, with the words FLUFFY KITTENS! above him. The second shirt shows Kirk gripping muffins, with the word MUFFINNNNS! above him. And finally, a New York Comic-Con-exclusive shirt features Kirk holding an apple, a big apple as it were, with the word COMICKHAAAN! above him and New York - 2013 below him.

The Kittens and Muffins shirts are available now and cost $25 each. Click HERE and HERE to purchase. The ComicKhaaan shirt will be available at the We Love Fine booth (#1836) at NYCC, to be held October 10-13 in Manhattan.

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