has the final First Look at NECA/WizKids' upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing's Wave 8 releases, and today we preview the Queen Vessel Prime, out in October. Like most other Borg ships, the Borg Octahedron has high attack values and is extremely durable. The special ability allows the use of a Scan token to bump attack potential even higher for the ship or another friendly ship within range 1-2. When using the Tactical Drone as captain, players have the ability to diminish an opponent’s defensive rolls. Alternately, the Borg Queen can have her influence felt throughout the fleet by activating upgrades on friendly ships when she is used as a Captain or as the fleet’s Admiral.

Magnus Hansen is a Crew Upgrade that can be discarded to spend one less drone token, thus keeping your Captain Skill at higher levels. Power Node can be activated so that a ship’s red maneuver is treated as a white maneuver. When facing a fleet containing superior numbers, players will be glad they are using the Multi Kinetic Neutronic Mines.

Transwarp Signal is a great Borg Upgrade to use when a player wants to impact an opponent’s action economy. If stealing Upgrades is more to your pleasure, Borg Assimilation Tubules is the card of choice. Borg Shield Matrix allows the Borg to adapt to attacks and increases the amount of defensive dice a player can roll during subsequent attacks and provide protection to the Captain and Upgrades on the ship.

Finally, players have two new Elite Talents from which to choose. Defensive players will love watching an opponent’s successful attack fizzle by playing We Are The Borg. Offensive players will remind their opponent that Resistance Is Futile as up to 3 die results fail to be cancelled. With many different ways to build a 70 point fleet, players will have fun thwarting the Federation as they attempt to complete the Collapse The Transwarp Network mission in the final offering for NECA/WizKids' upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing’s Wave 8 releases this October.

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