NECA/WizKids will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 22 this month, and has the exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, continuing with the Andorian Battle Cruiser Kumari.

The Kumari is an Andorian Battle Cruiser in the service of the Andorian Imperial Guard. It was named after the first ice cutter to circumnavigate Andoria and was the first starship of her class. The Kumari is capable of speeds in excess of warp 5 and was armed with Advanced Weaponry and a Tractor Beam.

The Kumari has one extra shield and one additional Weapon Upgrade slot compared to the generic. The named ship ability on the Kumari allows you to perform an Evade or a Scan Action while there is an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship.

With Thy’lek Shran as the Captain of the Kumari, whenever you perform an Evade or Scan Action, you may place a Token of the same type beside a Target ship within Range 1. If you do so, also place an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship. The Elite Talent in this pack is Diversion which states that when an opposing ship declares and attack against a friendly ship within Range 1 of your ship and you are also in the attacking ships forward arc you may discard this card to redirect the attack to your ship instead at -2 attack dice.

Talas is the Crew Upgrade in this pack and it allows a friendly ship within Range 1 of your ship to spend your Evade or Battle Stations Token as if it were beside that ship for this attack. Advanced Weaponry is a 5 dice attack that can be fired at Range 1-3. If you inflict a critical damage, you may choose either “Weapons Malfunction” or “Munitions Failure” and then reshuffle the damage deck. Particle Cannon Array is a 4 dice attack that can be fired at Range 1-3 from your forward firing arc. Tractor Beam is a Tech Upgrade that is an Action that allows you to target a friendly ship within Range 1 and that ship performs an additional green maneuver with a speed of 1. The target ship also rolls +1 defense die this round. Long Range Sensors is a Tech Upgrade that allows you to discard this card to roll +1 defense die for this attack if there is a Scan token beside your ship during the Roll Defense Dice step.

In this newest expansion pack, the Andorians join the battle against the Xindi. Will they be a force for good helping to destroy the Xindi Super Weapon or will they try to use the Xindi Technology for their own purposes? 

Visit NECA/WizKids at Wing for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing and keep an eye on for more First Looks and previews coming soon!

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