Welcome to the second of StarTrek.com's exclusive First Looks at NECA/WizKids Games' tactical space combat miniatures game Star Trek: Attack Wing. Today, we're previewing the contents of the Dominion 1st Wave Attack Fighters Expansion Pack, which will be available in December as part of the Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 10 release. While Attack Squadrons are treated as normal ships, there are several items that differentiate them from other ships. Attack Squadrons can only attack enemy ships at range 1-2 and can only be equipped with Squadron Upgrades. Additionally, instead of having stats printed on its ship card, Attack Squadron Tokens are used to keep track of the ship’s stats.

Attack Squadrons can serve many functions thanks to the different Squadron Upgrades present. Escort will buff the defensive capabilities of a friendly ship while Cover Fire can be used to increase the defensive capabilities of the Squadron itself. For players more concerned with offensive upgrades, Flanking Attack is highly recommended as a way to simulate the squadron combining fire with another ship. The use of Break Formation is also a good way to get a shot in from the squadron before the combat phase begins.

Equipping Support Ship to the squadron will keep it in combat for a longer duration and the use of Photo Lock-On will allow for a target lock to be achieved prior to an attack. Aft Disruptor Wave Cannons will allow the Squadron to initiate attacks through its rear firing arc but for those wishing to make attacks at range 3, they should look to the Galor Class Phaser Banks. With so many choices, players will have fun adding the Attack Squadron to their 200 point Dominion build as they attempt to thwart the Federation/Klingon alliance as they attempt the Break Formation Mission.

Visit NECA/WizKids for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing, and keep an eye on StarTrek.com for a preview of the final ship in Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 10.

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