NECA/WizKids will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 5 in June, and has exclusive First Looks at the upcoming trio of ships, which we'll showcase one per day for the next three days. Today, we will look at the introduction of the Vulcan faction into Star Trek: Attack Wing with the release of the D’Kyr Expansion Pack. The named version of the D’Kyr class has a special ability to gain +1 attack die when attacking at range 3. With its 180-degree front firing arc, this will give it a wide variety of ships to target. When using Soval as captain, a player will be able to remove a Scan or a Battle Station token from an opposing ship within range 1 or two while Tavek increases the ability to man your ship by adding a Crew upgrade slot to your action bar.

Speaking of crew, players will be able to use Muroc to disable an opponent’s shields or flip a cloak token if the ship is cloaked. For some defensive help, players will want to consider T’Pol, who will allow a player to spend a Scan token to re-roll up to 2 of your defense dice. The D’Kyr’s offensive capabilities can be further enhanced with the Secondary Weapon upgrades: Photonic Weapon and Aft Particle Beam (which is only able to be fired from the ship’s rear firing arc).

With red turns at 2 & 3, as well as a reverse 1 maneuver, players will be able to maneuver freely when using the Tech upgrade Auxiliary Control Room, which allows a player to remove 1 Auxiliary Power Token at any time. This will also allow a more Flexible use of the Sensor Grid Tech upgrade as players will have less to fear about placing an Auxiliary token beside their ship as well as an opponent’s ship. It will also cause cloaked opponents to be more careful in their own action management by causing them to flip over their cloak tokens. Finally, the Vulcan High Command Elite Talent upgrade will allow players use of almost all of the cards available in the expansion even if using the generic version of the D’Kyr class ship.
The D’Kyr Expansion Pack includes an Additional Rules card which explains the addition of the new Vulcan faction into the existing Initiative order. This expansion also includes a solo mission named Rendezvous where the Vulcan ship must rescue a Vulcan crew member from a Federation ship which is under attack by Suliban Cell Ships. With all of the tokens required to play the ship in the mission as well as in normal games, players will be excited to experience Star Trek: Attack Wing’s first foray into the Vulcan faction.

Visit NECA/WizKids for additional information Star Trek: Attack Wing , and keep an eye on for a preview of the next ship in Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 5.
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